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Cross Country Skiing in Colorado



Sensational winter seasons are what lure skiers to the great state of Colorado. The popular sport of cross country skiing has become a treasured pass time in this winter wonderland. With the stunning geographic features of the Rocky Mountains, almost no one can resist the feeling of slipping on some ski boots and hitting the powder. One thing that Colorado has always has going for it, is the ability to stretch out the season. Areas like the Arapahoe Basin are still going strong in May thanks to dedicated crews. To learn more about cross country skiing in Colorado continue reading below.

With an endless of list of places to ski, Colorado ranks as one the top ski destinations in the world. Epic trails and some of the best snow around, cross country skiing is a must when visiting this amazing state. There are 17 Nordic ski resorts that are perfect for cross country skiing in Colorado. Resorts boast expertly groomed trails, top quality lessons, ski rentals, and retail sales. Whether it is a community based center or a world-class operation, cross country skiing in Colorado has such gorgeous terrain, whether it be Devil's Thumb, Vail, or Tennessee Pass, no one will feel like they have been left out in the cold.

When coming to Colorado for cross country skiing, it is important to know the areas of state and information about the resort. This is especially true if bringing children or beginners. Each resort caters to different skill levels and has a wide array of trails, but it should suit everyone that will be staying. Upon strapping on a pair of skis will give visitors a private pass to some of the most breathtaking views and idyllic scenes in Colorado. In the Rocky Mountain National Park there are dozens of trails that will lead to fluffy snow covered hills and towering evergreens. Grab a trail map and go solo, or venture out with a ranger led group tour. From the back country to the buttes, cross country skiing in Colorado will grant visitors a lifetime experience that will yield many memories.

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