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Cycling in Colorado



Cycling in Colorado isn't just a way to get around, it is a way of life. There are an abundance of bike trails in this state, and why not, Colorado is known to be the inventor of mountain biking. Also, every year there are numerous road biking races and tours like Ride the Rockies, Triple Bypass, and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. For those who like to go at a slower pace, there are hundreds of miles of flat, paved casual trails. Below, continue to read more about cycling in Colorado and all the fun places to bicycle.

One of the neatest things about cycling in Colorado is that many of the ski resorts support the biking culture by becoming courses for mountain biking. Gondolas will take riders and their bikes up the mountain and once there they can ride the slopes down on two wheels. Whether its mountain biking or tour biking, visitors to Colorado will find many great places all over the state to cycle. As mentioned above, going down the ski slopes is a wonderful way to hit the trails. Eagle's Loop, Silver Pick Trail, or Let It Ride Trail are just some of the trails at resorts in Colorado. For those who want to hit the pavement, try out Gore Creek bike path or Clear Creek Trail in Golden, Colorado. There are also many bike parks and single tracks like 18 Road Trails and Marshall Mesa Trail for cyclists to ride on.

With so many places to ride, bicyclers will love cycling in Colorado. If wanting to join one of the many races or tours, Colorado is the state to do it in. The Triple Bypass takes place every summer and includes an amazing 120 mile ride that will gain riders a good 10,000 feet of elevation. The ride starts Evergreen and climbs its way to Squaw Pass, Idaho Springs, and Georgetown. As the ride continues to Loveland Pass, Frisco, and Vail Pass, riders will be happy to see the finish line in Avon. As for Ride the Rockies, this tour is different each year but mainly consists of a 6 to 7 day ride through the Rocky Mountains on paved roads. This tour takes place in the summer as well, and is extraordinarily scenic and bursting with energy. From winding trails along trickling creeks to high altitude road races, cycling in Colorado is a great way to spend a trip while visiting the "Centennial State."

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