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Fly Fishing in Colorado



In the state of Colorado there are over 2,000 lakes and reservoirs as well as 6,000 miles of streams and rivers that offer visitors abundant fishing opportunities for both cold water and warm water species. For many, fly fishing in Colorado is a pass time that can be relaxing and exciting. Any fisherman will agree that being jerked back to reality while waiting on the "Big One" to bite is thrilling. In Colorado, cold water streams and lakes offer many varieties of fish like the native cutthroat trout, rainbow, brown, brook and lake trout. As for the warm water streams and lakes, there are perch, sunfish, walleye, catfish, bass, and others. Most all anglers know that if it swims, then it can be caught by way of fly fishing. Continue reading further about all things that concern fly fishing in Colorado.

If visitors are looking for fly fishing hot spots, then know that the Colorado Wildlife Commission has labeled 168 of the 6,000 miles of rivers and streams as Gold Medal, which makes those particular rivers and streams elite. So as a new comer to Colorado, or fly fishing for that matter, this means that for a river or stream to receive a Gold Medal it must provide 12 trout per surface acre, and the trout must be over 14" or 60 lbs. Also, these waters are managed to ensure that the big fish populations stay high.

Fly fishing in Colorado will provide excellent fishing experiences and opportunities, which are made even better by the Colorado Division of Wildlife's hard work and efforts. With 19 hatcheries, the Division is capable of stocking over 3 million fish (10 in.) every year. There is also an additional 13 million sub-catchable cold water species, as well as over 55 million warm water species stocked annually. To help with conservation efforts, visitors and natives alike are asked to return any fish to the water that will not be eaten.

With so many places to choose from, visitors to the area could probably feel overwhelmed when trying to plan their relaxing fishing trip. So as not to defeat the purpose of fishing serenity and calmness, here are some hot spots for fly fishing in Colorado: Blue River, Frying Pan River, Colorado River, Rio Grande, as well as the North Platte and Gunnison. From remote outposts to popular angler sites, Colorado offers numerous choices. Visitors should also remember to pick up the Colorado Fishing Season Information and Wildlife Property Directory, which also known as the Regulations Brochure for more information and areas of fly fishing. This booklet is available to those who purchase their Colorado fishing license. To obtain gear, instruction, or advice, visitors will find many stores and outfitters in Colorado that are friendly and accommodating. Whether it is for a weekend or a week, fly fishing in Colorado is sure to get visitors back to a natural state of mind.

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