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Hiking in Colorado



When hiking in Colorado visitors have unlimited choices to explore. From relaxed to strenuous, the countryside of Colorado offers various hiking havens to trek through. Most all hiking trails in the state are not only easy to get to, but they also offer diverse landscapes. Flower dotted meadows, red rock formations, and rushing water falls beckon visitors to go hiking in Colorado. Below is further information on where visitors can traverse the stunning lands of Colorado.

Wildflowers await in Yankee Boy Basin near Ouray. Here, a beautiful display of wildflowers can be seen during the spring season, as well as Twin Falls on Sneffels Creek. This alpine basin is accessed by a dirt road that requires four wheeled vehicles, and is located in the Uncompahgre National Forest. For more flora beauty, head out to Shrine Pass near Frisco. This high mountain pass is tucked into the Rocky Mountains in the central part of Colorado. Located in the Sawatch Range, Yankee Boy runs along the Eagle and Summit county borders west of Frisco.

To add some high altitude and adventure to a hiking trip, head out to Bald Mountain. Visitors can start out north of Boreas Pass, which is about 11,000 feet. Although guidebooks will suggest a different route, take the meadow to the ridge. From there, follow the Continental Divide up to several false summits before reaching the actual summit.
On the way, defunct mine can be seen and at the top the view is amazing. Here, visitors can look directly down on the town of Breckenridge.

From easy to intense, hiking in Colorado can be a fun memorable activity that is also great exercise. Many people who traverse the meadows, hill, and mountains of Colorado love to experience the natural beauty with friends and family. However, sole hiking trips have been considered to refresh the spirit and the soul. If choosing to go hiking in Colorado alone, visitors should check in at the local ranger station. This way, if one does not return at their allotted time and day, the rangers will know where to come look. 

Often visitors can find themselves in situations where they become lost, so maps, compasses, and if possible, a GPS system can be of great use while hiking in Colorado. So whether it's a slow creek-side amble or a heart pounding trek to the summit, hiking in Colorado will prove to be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the simplicity of nature.

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