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Horseback riding in Colorado


Horseback riding in Colorado

There are many horseback riding opportunities in Colorado. With each area having its own personality, one thing is constant, the dramatic beauty of the country side. There are many fine stables to choose from when wanting to go horseback riding in Colorado. Spring, summer, and fall are some of the best times to explore the unspoiled landscape of the wild flower fringed trails or treks below cliffs and canyons. Visitors will have an adventure of their life with memorable riding moments. For details on horseback riding in Colorado, read further about specific areas below.

For those visiting Colorado for the first time, Colorado Springs is a good starting point since the altitude height is bearable and won't cause sickness. In this area visitors will go for a ride at the base of Colorado’s most well known mountain, Pike's Peak. Here, the full majesty of the Rocky Mountains can be seen and enjoyed perched atop a horse. Scenic valleys can be viewed upon stopping for a planned lunch by a placid mountain lake. Colorado Springs has parks and trails that offer riding through the stunning Garden of the Gods or Cheyenne Canyon.

To experience an authentic western adventure, Glen Haven is a horseback ride no one will ever forget. Nestled in a box canyon, rides will enter through the Rocky Mountain National Park or the Roosevelt National Forest. Leave your cares and car behind and head out into the "wild blue yonder" with your friends and family to discover the great outdoors. There are many dude ranches in the area as well where visitors can ride with real cowboys and girls. Ranching activities await those looking to tame the wild west.

Wildlife and waterfalls are a must see when horseback riding in Colorado. There are many areas that offer perfect trails for viewing animals like deer, elk, moose, and mountain goats. To catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures plan a ride in Horseshoe Park, Mount Evans, or State Forest. For plunging waterfalls, visitors should go to Hanging Lake, Bridal Veil Falls, or Seven Falls for a magnificent horseback riding experience.

For a ride that will take you back in time, visitors will enjoy horseback riding in Colorado on historic trails. See what the pioneers saw as they came through the swaying grasslands. The Santa Fe Trail's Sierra Vista and the Canyons of the Ancients will bring visitors to Pueblo dwellings and petroglyphs. To go back further in time to when the dinosaurs roamed the land, take a ride to Skyline Drive near Canyon City. Here, tracks of dinosaurs can be seen by riders. So no matter where you go horseback riding in Colorado, the hardest part will be having to pack up and go home.

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