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Hunting in Colorado


Hunting in Colorado

From the rolling plains to the high mountain wilderness, hunting in Colorado is the ultimate vacation adventure. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but most hunters will argue that Colorado has got big in the bag. From elk to bear, moose, pronghorn, and deer, the big game variety in the Centennial state promises to offer great hunting opportunities. Visitors looking to head west and go hunting in Colorado should continue reading further to learn more about this outdoor adventure.

Hunters coming to Colorado to take home the big one will find that the state is easily traversed. The wildlife officials have split the state into game management units (GMUs), so that hunters can have a great hunting experience. Also, this helps the wildlife to be effectively managed and kept protected from poaching and over hunting. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has more information on their website to inform those wanting to go hunting in Colorado, and how to keep the state wild.

Although big game makes for popular hunting in Colorado, hunters looking for small game will be pleased to find that the state has an abundance. Bird hunting which includes pheasant, sage grouse, and quail can be done in the northeast and southeast areas of the state. In the mountains, small mammals can be easily pursued and captured. Such animals include squirrels, marmots, and rabbits. As for hunters looking for fur, beavers, fox, mink, and weasels can also be found near the mountains in the wooded areas.

Some great hot spots for hunting in Colorado include areas near Steamboat Springs, outside of Castle Rock, Salida, and Denver. These areas will yield a variety of landscapes teeming with everything from elk to deer. One thing to remember before going hunting in Colorado is to apply and get a license to hunt. Also, it is important to obtain information from the Colorado Division of Wildlife regarding rules and regulations, as well as knowing the open season dates. No matter what you may be hunting or where you may find it, hunting in Colorado will be the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

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