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Ice Climbing in Colorado


Ice Climbing in Colorado

Colorado is the place where rock climbers converge to enjoy the excitement and challenges of winter climbs. Long, vertical walls of frozen water hang patiently, just waiting for climbers to ascend them. Ice-climbing in Colorado is not for the faint of heart, but for those with guts this pass time has become increasingly popular, especially with traditional climbers. From beginners to novices, ice-climbing in Colorado will offer pure exhilaration and joy upon reaching the top. Visitors to Colorado should read further if thinking about ice climbing while on vacation in this winter wonderland.

Being home to one of the most popular locations in the world to go ice-climbing, it is no wonder that Colorado is well versed in the activity. There are numerous routes all over the state to explore. From natural frozen waterfalls to Ouray, an ice park that provides a mile of farmed ice, there are many sites that are easy to reach. This exciting sport is taught at various schools in Colorado, which allows everyone to take lessons and learn about ice-climbing. There are a many world-class outfitters who reside in the state and are more than happy to teach, answer questions, and provide gear, both for purchase and for rent for those new to the sport.

In Colorado, visitors will find stunning, natural sculptures that are unique, and will certainly offer a climbing experience that is extremely different. Unlike traversing bare rock that will always be there, ice-climbing varies year to year because once it melts, it's gone. No ice -climb will ever be the same, even if the same spot is climbed every winter. There is really no other sport that offers such a challenge while at the same time constantly changing. Those who are drawn to this particular aspect of ice-climbing will always seek out for some new and undiscovered frozen fun.

Some areas to consider for ice-climbing in Colorado are places like Vail, Telluride, Glenwood Canyon, Big Thompson Canyon Ice, and Colorado Springs. The Rocky Mountain National Park is also a great place to consider. With endless choices, ice climbing in Colorado can offer a quick and easy adventure or an all day intense ice whacking climb. Unparalleled beauty combined with peace and calmness, come together to make ice-climbing in Colorado a serene experience that can't be felt anywhere else.

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