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Kayaking and Canoeing in Colorado


Kayaking and Canoeing in Colorado

Paddling through canyons, gliding across the water, and gazing at the stunning scenery can all be had when kayaking and canoeing in Colorado. Just waiting to be discovered, there's thrilling whitewater, lazy rivers, and quite lakes dotting this states glorious landscape. Continue reading further about where and when to go kayaking and canoeing in Colorado.

Some vacations and weekend getaways are all about getting back to nature, and what a better place than Colorado. Using water as a mode of transportation has long been in use, but over the past 100 years it has also become a form of recreation. Through rafting, canoeing, and kayaking, outdoor enthusiasts have been able to explore oceans, lakes, and rivers like never before. Although landlocked, the state of Colorado features many outstanding places to put your paddle in the water.

For some, the power of nature can be a bit overwhelming, and they may feel that kayaking and canoeing is only for adrenaline junkies. However, this is far from true. Almost anyone can take to the water and enjoy not only the scenery, but exercise too. With so many great spots and levels to choose from in Colorado, a great resource to utilize is online websites and local associations. These will help in searching for level difficulty and the body of water closest to your destination. Also, they can be a fountain of information in regards to outfitters, equipment, and other criteria.

The best time to go kayaking and canoeing in Colorado is during the spring, summer, and early fall. As winter approaches, most bodies of water can still be traversed, however the water temperatures are very cold. Spring and summer are some of the best times to hit the rivers and lakes in Colorado. Although, early spring can yield fast moving rivers bulging with recent rain and melted snow. The season for kayaking typically runs from May through September, with the swifter waters occurring in May and June. 

Those new to kayaking and canoeing will easily find not only friendly but knowledgeable folks at outfitting shops in Colorado. From choosing essential gear like helmets to getting the right canoe or kayak, Colorado outfitters will have it all. Also, there are many paddle parks to perfect your paddle before trekking out to more challenging waterways. Whether it's a slow moving ride or a fast paced rapid challenge, kayaking and canoeing in Colorado is an outdoor adventure that cannot be missed.

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