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Off-roading in Colorado


Off-roading in Colorado

Leaving the pavement and heading out into the back country of Colorado is exciting and exhilarating. Off-roading in Colorado gives visitors a chance to view this majestic state that features nature mixed with thrills overflowing with adrenaline. Whether on a motorbike or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), there are trails in Colorado just waiting to be trudged through. Off-roading in Colorado offers a freedom and discovery that just can't be done on conventional roads. Continue reading further to learn more about taking to the dirt with family and friends while vacationing in Colorado.

For some it may seem unpredictable or intimidating to explore the wilderness sans asphalt, but once visitors sign up for one of the many off-roading Colorado adventures, they won't regret a single minute of it. Stress and anxiety are left in the dust when off-roading in Colorado. Go alone, with friends, or make it a family outing with the kids who are sure to love the fast paced sight-seeing. Planned adventures have tour operators that will take care of everything, from gear to gas, all tourists have to do is enjoy the ride.

Visitors wanting to go off-roading in Colorado need to know that there are a couple of rules to follow. An off highway vehicle will need to be registered, or possess a valid Colorado license plate. For more information on OHV registration, tourists should check with the Colorado State Parks registration page for OHVs. This only applies to those who come with their own personal vehicles. Guided tours and rented rides are already taken care of by the outfitter providing the adventure. Also, visitors should be aware that some off road areas require fees, so attention to posted instructions and signs will need to be noted. 

When off-roading in Colorado, visitors need to T.R.E.A.D. lightly. The state's National Forest Service set up simple instructions to follow when traveling and traversing off road. T.R.E.A.D. helps the land to remain safe and sustainable for future off-roading, as well as keeping the balance of nature. Below is the definition of T.R.E.A.D.

T-Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted.

R-Respect hikers, skiers, and campers, as well as others, keeping activities undisturbed.

E-Educate yourself by reading maps and regulations from public agencies, and comply with signs, barriers, and instructions that ask for an owner’s permission to enter or cross private property.

A-Avoid streams, lake shore areas, meadows, muddy trails and roads, steep inclines, livestock and wildlife.

D-Drive responsible, and protect the environment. 

From the high mesas to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, off-roading in Colorado will bring all who visit closer to nature, wildlife, and the true beauty of the great outdoors.

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