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Rafting in Colorado


Rafting in Colorado

Paddling through the stunning canyons of Colorado is one of the most adventurous activities for tourists to experience. Rafting in Colorado, although done mostly by adrenaline junkies, is something that people of all ages can enjoy. Trips for rafting can be designed for almost anyone, including families with little children and those with disabilities. Exciting, fun, and convenience is easily had for a variety of trips such as slow, scenic rides to intense thrill-a-minute adventures. Continue reading to find out why rafting in Colorado is a must do activity when venturing to the Western United States.

When planning a trip down the river, tourists and visitors to Colorado should understand that all rafting companies are state certified, and are more than capable of taking individuals rafting. In towns of Buena Vista, Steamboat Springs, Salida, Winter Park, Vail, and many others, there are rafting companies with very knowledgeable guides ready to take adventure seekers rafting in Colorado. There are many rivers to choose from when going rafting in Colorado. Some rivers to consider are: San Juan, Cache la Poudre, Arkansas, and Eagle. Depending on the time of year will determine the type of rafting trip that will be taken. From calm waters to fast moving rapids, visitors can choose exactly how they want their adventure course to run. 

Upon selecting an outfitter and river, visitors will find that they will be provided with all the essential gear to head down the river. Also, rafters should plan on getting wet, so camera, phones, and anything else that needs to stay dry should be left behind. Sunscreen and athletic shoes are a must as well. Most rafting companies have photographers positioned along the route to capture tourist's thrilling rides. The fun and excitement doesn't stop with just rafting in Colorado. Rafting companies provide tourists the ability to customize their awesome experience as well. If one day cannot suffice an adventurous spirit, then multiday trips can be planned and combined with other activities like camping, train rides, or even wine tours. Group excursions can also be planned for various events like weddings, honeymoons, or family reunions. No matter what brings visitors to Colorado, rafting will prove to be a moment that will always be cherished.

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