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Skiing in Colorado


Skiing in Colorado

Colorado is home to over 26 ski resorts and areas which can be found among the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Skiing in Colorado is the premier winter activity to enjoy in North America. Continual growth in skiing innovation, perfect powdery snow, and motivated ski enthusiasts make this state a legendary winter sports haven. Also, visitors will find that Colorado has a longer ski season where resorts open earlier and close later due to high altitude. Ski seasons not only rely on altitude, but committed ski crews who carefully and regularly prepare ski runs. For more information about skiing in Colorado, continue reading below. 

Another reason why travelers from all over the world enjoy skiing in Colorado, is because some of the largest resorts are found in this naturally beautiful state. The city of Vail has the largest ski area in the state Colorado with 193 trails that stretch seven miles wide and over 5,000 acres. There are also 31 different ski lifts in the area. As for other larges resorts, there is Keystone, Snowmass, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, and others. With such large areas, everyone will have room to ski and explore the blissful backcountry of Colorado. Whether visitors are experienced or novices, ski resorts in Colorado offer a wide array of activities for all ages. Sledding, skating, or snowshoeing is great for youngsters and beginners. Tourists will find that many of the resorts offer various amenities like spas and shopping for those who don't prefer traversing through the snow.

Although there are numerous large resorts, Eldora and Solvista Basin are just some of the many smaller resorts that the locals enjoy. With room to roam on the slopes, big parking lots, and a variety of runs, the small resorts provide consistent snow and days filled with adventure. Ranging from beginner to ski jumpers, skiing in Colorado is sure to be convenient and fun. Colorado also dominates with the most lift-served areas in the country. Breathtaking vistas, pure white snow, and incredible terrain are just some of the wonderful things that tourists will discover while skiing in Colorado.

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