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Snowshoeing in Colorado


Snowshoeing in Colorado

Snow shoeing in Colorado is a winter time activity that is growing in popularity. This simple form of hiking has been around for ages, however until recent decades has it become more modernized and done by everyone. As a way to reach ski runs and trails, skiers have been snow shoeing for quite a long time. Depending on one’s interests, snow shoeing can be either a really vigorous work out, or a relaxing trek through the snowy back country. Snow shoeing in Colorado, compared to other outdoor winter sports, is relatively inexpensive. Continue reading more below about how to go snow shoeing in Colorado.

Considered the winter equivalent of hiking, snow shoeing is basically just walking in the snow. Most first timers to snow shoeing in Colorado should rent a pair of snow shoes, and then try the activity out before purchasing their own pair. Although it's as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, snow shoeing in Colorado isn't for everyone. Rental pairs can cost $20.00 and up to rent a day depending on where visitors plan to snow shoe. When ready to buy a pair of snowshoes, compare prices at various stores. Pricing for a good pair should cost a couple of hundred dollars. Remember to wear hiking boots while trying on the snow shoes, particularly the ones that will be worn for the activity. 

With snow shoes in hand, visitors should next think about clothing. Dressing in layers helps a lot, especially if going uphill. As the body starts to warm, additional layers of clothing can be peeled away, but on the way down it can cool off quickly. By wearing layers, clothing can be added back to stay warm without getting overheated. Some essential clothes to have are: wool socks, long underwear, wind resistant/water repellent jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, and of course waterproof hiking boots. It is also helpful to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to cut down on snow glare and snow burn. Gaiters might also be helpful if planning on trekking through deep snow.

Since snow shoeing in Colorado can take adventure seekers to some pretty remote areas, other items will be needed for safety and emergencies should they occur. Some of those items are a first aid kit, food and water, compass, map, and ski poles. A flashlight and matches will be needed for those planning to be out after dark. While the cold can create its own safety risks, visitors are less likely to get lost while snow shoeing in Colorado during the winter than hiking in the spring. This is due to the fact that if one were to get lost while snow shoeing, they can generally follow their tracks back through the snow to find their way. Regardless, precautions and preparedness while snow shoeing in Colorado will ensure a great, safe adventure no matter the trail.

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