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Vacation in Central City

Situated about one mile from Black Hawk, Central City, Colorado is a town that is historic yet new and modern. Just like most towns in the area, this town was sought after for gold and riches during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. Known as the "Richest Square Mile on Earth," Central City grew into a mining mecca that resulted in exhausted veins. In the early 1900s the population decreased and the town went in search of ways to get back on its feet. It was not until the 1990s that gambling was introduced and quickly became quite popular.

Things To Do
Central City today is well rounded and offers visitors many things to do and see. From casinos to outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, this town has it all. Also, the history of Central City has been well preserved and features many sites to visit and tour. The Opera House is a great place to visit seeing as how it is the nation's fifth oldest. Also, tourists should explore the Teller House. Now a casino, this historic hotel features grand architecture and the famous bar whose floor has a painted face.
When coming to Central City many travelers are lured to casinos like Easy Street and Fortune Valley. Most all of the casinos offer lodging and restaurants that serve delicious food and fun. Once tourists have had their fill of playing games, they can traipse off into the great outdoors. The Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a beautiful place to hike through towering Ponderosa pines.

Getting Here
Central City is located in the Rocky Mountains close to the city of Denver (35 miles). It is situated in the southern part of Gilpin county at an elevation of over 8, 000 feet. To reach Central City by car, visitors will take I-70 to Central City Parkway, or if coming from Boulder, Highway 119 (Peak to Peak Highway).
All flights to Central City will come into the Denver International Airport. Upon arrival, tourists will find that the airport offers many amenities, as well as ground transportation. The most convenient way to reach Central City is by rental car or shuttle from Denver International.

Best Time to Visit
With numerous activities all year round, any season is a good reason to come to Central City, Colorado. Winter has a plethora of winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling. As for summer, hiking, biking, and touring the town are great activities. In autumn, tourists should take the parkways and byways through the Rockies to view majestic peaks and colorful fall foliage. Perfect for any kind of get away, whether honeymoon or family vacation, everyone will enjoy spending time in Central City.


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