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Colorado Springs



Colorado Springs, Colorado, is situated at the breathtaking junction of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. The city of 400,000 is nestled below the soaring massif of Pikes Peak and home to a variety of all-American cultural venues and outdoor recreation. Visitors will enjoy the scenery and landscape, as well as the chance to visit the Olympic Training Center, the Broadmoor, and bask in the ideal Colorado weather.

General William Jackson Palmer, who was the founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, founded Colorado Springs in 1871. He envisioned the city as a resort community, and with the help of the railroads it began to grow. The gold rush of the 1890s in Cripple Creek further led to the growth of the city, as people flocked to the area in hopes of striking it rich. Further, Colorado Springs became a popular destination for tuberculosis sufferers at the turn of the century. It was believed that the mild and dry climate, as well as ample sunshine, was well suited to improving the health of TB patients.

Another important figure in the history of the city is Spencer Penrose, a man who became wealthy from gold and silver. He donated much of his land holdings for community use, and built the Pikes Peak Highway and the Broadmoor Hotel. Situated among the forests and rolling lands nestled among the foothills, The Broadmoor has defined itself as the preeminent 5-star hotel in Colorado. Even visitors who cannot stay at the Broadmoor can enjoy walking the beautiful grounds and dining at one of the many fine restaurants.

One focal attraction for visitors and families is the chance to tour the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. This complex is filled with state-of-the-art facilities designed to help American Olympians train and perform at a world-class level. The center boasts a 45,000 square foot aquatic center for swimming, water polo and cross training. The sports centers span a total of over 100,000 square feet, and have the facilities to train over 12 different sports, including wrestling, gymnastics, weightlifting and more. In addition, there is a shooting center that is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Tours of the facility are available year round, and include a 12-minute film and 45 minute walking tour.

Other venues that visitors may find of interest include the Air Force Academy, the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and the Garden of the Gods. In addition, Colorado Springs’ climate and proximity to the Rocky Mountains affords an excellent array of outdoor activities. The numerous city parks are perfect for family picnics and sports while miles and miles of trails through the city and in the foothills are ideal for hiking, biking and jogging.


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