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Vacationing In Glenwood Springs


Vacation in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, in Colorado, offers much in the way of adventure and entertainment to visitors. Glenwood Springs, established during the Colorado mining boom, dates back to the Wild West. During this time, the town was full of gambling casinos, saloons, brothels and even some famous outlaws. One of these outlaws, Doc Holiday, spent some time here and was even buried in the city's oldest cemetery.

Today, Glenwood Springs is more of a family tourist spot than the old-time town of sin that it once was. Tourists will delight in the rich history of the city by visiting some of the many museums or art galleries, or by viewing the lovely historic, Victorian architecture of the area.

For those people, who love the outdoors and adventure, Glenwood Springs has many exciting activities to keep them occupied. Some of the many activities this exciting city offers include camping, skiing, visiting one of many hot springs, rafting, biking, hiking and fishing. The city is just a short drive to both Sunlight Mountain and Aspen Snowmass where visitors can enjoy some of the best skiing in the country.

For those people, who have never experienced a hot spring, they are in for a delightful surprise. There are many of these springs scattered all over Colorado, including in Glenwood Springs. Hot springs are naturally-heated pools that get their heat from the ground. Although some of them are man-made, some are also natural. Soaking in a relaxing, warm, hot spring after a day of skiing is the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Glenwood, located near both the Colorado River and the Roaring Fork River, makes for fantastic rafting and fishing. For those, who are inexperienced rafters, there are many guides and outfitters that will help them experience rafting safely.

Tourists may want to enjoy a fabulous meal at one of the many restaurants in the city after spending an adventurous day outdoors. Visitors may also choose to stay in one of the beautiful, historic hotels near Glenwood Springs such as the Hotel Denver or the Hotel Colorado and enjoy one of the many delicious Italian meals they prepare.

In conclusion, Glenwood Springs, Colorado offers the utmost in adventure and excitement for every member of the family. Famous for its rich, wild-west history and its relaxing hot springs; this amazing city in Colorado is a perfect choice for a vacation get-away. From white-water rafting and fishing to skiing and hiking, there is sure to be something to keep everyone occupied.


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