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Grand Lake



Grand Lake, Colorado, is a small and quaint community located between Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. Perfectly tucked into the landscape, the town is well suited for relaxation as well as a starting off point for recreation on the lake and in the national park. The historic town has long been a favorite mountain getaway for families living in the metropolitan areas of Colorado.

Grand Lake is the largest natural body of water in Colorado and the town is ideally located along its picturesque shoreline. Summer recreational opportunities abound, including boating, fishing, waterskiing, and wildlife watching. Further, its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road makes it easy to explore the vast landscape and immense views of the Rocky Mountains. Winter is an equally wonderful time to visit and offers a whole new set of opportunities, including snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Among the many cabins, lodges and hotels found in Grand Lake, the Grand Lake Lodge is a historic favorite. The rustic lodge, which is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, was opened in 1920 to serve visitors of the national park and for access to Trail Ridge Road. The lodge was renovated in the 1970s after a large fire and now includes over 100 structures, including the main lodge, smaller lodges and numerous cabins. The magnificent views, convenient location and wonderful hospitality are all part of what draws families back year after year.

Not far from Grand Lake is Lake Granby, built in the 1940s as a reservoir for the Greeley area on the Front Range. With 40 miles of shoreline and regularly stocked with trout and salmon, Lake Granby is perfect for those who enjoy fishing, wildlife watching and picnicking. In addition to the lake itself, the scenic area is surrounded by national forest and state park land providing a host of choices for hiking, biking, horseback riding and wildlife viewing. Bald eagles, ospreys, elk and more are common throughout this area. Lake Granby is a wonderful destination in itself, or as a day trip from Grand Lake.

Both Grand Lake and Lake Granby are part of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, an impressive water diversion project that is the largest in Colorado. All together, the system features 12 reservoirs, 35 miles of tunnels, 95 miles of canals, 700 miles of transmission lines and five power plants that generate electricity as the water descends from the high country. The project helps provide water to 30 towns and 693,000 acres of farmland in northeastern Colorado.

Located in the immaculate landscape of the Colorado high country, Grand Lake is a small town filled with immense opportunity. From relaxing summer days to excitement on the lake and in the mountains, this area is perfect for families seeking a memorable Colorado vacation.


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