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Vacation in Montrose

A quiet town nestled between canyons and mountains, Montrose, Colorado has served as a safe haven for many passing wanderers. While surrounded by activity on all sides - hiking to the north, fishing to the east, skiing to the south - Montrose itself is transported from a different time, a time where clocks are meaningless and all roads lead to adventure.

Even the name is something of a fairytale - the city was named after the Sir Walter Scott novel "A Legend of Montrose." These days the soldiers and battles are long gone, but Montrose retains its charm. You won't find any superdomes here!

Instead of expansion, Montrose is about preservation. Life is simpler here, with outdoor concerts and monthly farmer's markets in the main square. The city is filled with museums and memorials, boutiques and birdwatchers. The historic downtown district, with its Victorian buildings and carefully-tended gardens, is just as fascinating as it's culturally significant.

Interested in a little more than farming? Just pick a direction - any direction. Originally a shipping center in the 1800s, Montrose has long served as a proverbial railroad for the surrounding cities.

The southern San Juan Mountains are a great place for family photos and a little fun. Take the "San Juan Skyway" for a breathtaking view of 14,000-ft cliffs, or visit one of the many ski resorts for a race down snowy hillsides. Drive in the summer and ski in the winter!

Just a few miles east, The Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park is a must-see for all nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Feel like camping? Rock climbing? Horseback riding? It doesn't matter if you're hiking, biking, or just hitching - you'll find everything you need in the Canyon.

Not afraid of getting a little wet? Montrose is internationally famous for its rafting and kayaking opportunities. Its unique position among the mountains means that the water rushes twice as fast as anywhere else in the state, even Colorado's own river. Try the "M-Wave" if you dare!

These are just a few of the activities available throughout - and nearby - Montrose. If you're serious about your trip to Colorado, you can't leave without stopping here first.

With beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions for all ages, Montrose, Colorado has something to offer everyone, whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or simply a pit-stop before the real adventure.


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