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Vacation in Vail

Vail is a town in Eagle County Colorado that is famous for its ski resort on Vail Mountain as well as a number of other athletic, cultural, and entertainment attractions. This town is a great place to spend a vacation whether or not a visitor is specifically interested in skiing. This article will take a closer look at Vail and some reasons why you might consider it for your next vacation.

The town of Vail is quite young. It was established in 1966. Vail Mountain was opened to the public. The resort itself was founded by Pete Siebert and Earl Eaton in 1962. The town is centered on the ski resort and is primarily a nationally renowned ski location to which skiers travel far and wide.

Artistic and Cultural Attractions

Vail Film Festival
In addition to the skiing, there are a number of other notable events that take place annually at Vail. One is the Vail film festival that takes place sometime in the time frame of March to Early April. The festival lasts four days and is a well-regarded event in the film industry.

Vail Valley Music Festival
This is an annual music festival that features the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. It is a classical music and chamber music festival founded in 1987 by the violinist Ida Kavafian. 

Vail Lacrosse Shootout
The Vail Lacrosse Shootout is an annual high school and collegiate Lacrosse event held at Vail. The event consists of a tournament in which 6 age ranges of men and 3 age ranges of women compete. Most of the games are held at a local park called Ford Field. The first of these tournaments was held in 1973 and has since risen to national and even international prominence.

Vail Mountain and Ski Resort
Vail Mountain stands at 11,570 feet. The ski resort built on this mountain, which opened its doors in 1962, is the primary focus of Vail and is the largest such resort in the US. With 5,289 acres of skiable area it is a veritable skiing wonderland. 33 Ski lifts take avid skiers from all over the world into the mountain’s snowy and celestial heights for an unforgettable skiing experience. It features ski trails, 193n in number, on three sides of the mountain. The latter are the front side, the Blue Sky Basin, and the Back Bowls. 53% of these trails are considered expert level, 29% are designated as intermediate, and 18% are considered are beginner level. The longest run is the Riva Run, which is 4 miles in length. This resort is frequently identified as the best, or one of the best, ski resorts in the country. 

Summer Outdoor Activities
In the summer Vail features a number of vigorous outdoor activities besides skiing in which visitors can take part. These include white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering/rock climbing, cave exploration, swimming, balloon rides and many more exciting activities. In addition to these outward bound type sports natives and visitors to the area enjoy a range of organized sports such as golf, and tennis.

Night Life
When all the daytime activities are concluded, Vail features a hot nightlife scene with the finest restaurants, night clubs, and entertainment. Visitors can play in this nocturnal playground during the evening hours or simply relax after the day’s exertions. Some people enjoy this aspect of the town as much as the skiing and athletics.


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