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Denver Area


Denver Area

When thinking about Colorado, there's simply no way to get around Denver. At 5,280 feet, the "Mile-High City" is the state's capital and largest city, home to great sports teams, restaurants, theme parks, and other cultural attractions. You'll find everything a cosmopolitan city has to offer, plus easy access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, which are only fifteen miles west of town.

With over 600,000 people in the city proper and a growing metropolitan area of nearly 3 million, Denver is a big city, but it's also very conscious of the environment and its roots in ranching and mining. There are great museums, the Denver Mint, a 19th-century observatory, the Capitol building, beautiful parks, botanical gardens, and a giant zoo, a variety expansive enough to interest any group of people.

But the city has also embraced the entertainment business with a vibrant performing arts scene, great outdoor festivals, and the world-renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue that makes for a concert experience like no other in the world. Or if you're looking for a drink, you can tour the original Coors Brewery or one of the many excellent microbreweries. Adventurous travelers should check out Elitch Gardens, Waterworld, or Lakeside, the awesome amusement parks in the area.

Late spring and early autumn are the best time for outdoor activities, other than skiing, and it's the time when most of the festivals happen. Winter, though, brings visitors from all over, looking to take on the beautiful snow-peaked Rockies. Although some of Colorado's best ski resorts aren't technically in the region, they're close enough that travelers often use Denver as a home base for ski trips into the neighboring mountains.

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