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Eastern Plains


Eastern Plains

The Eastern Plains of Colorado is the largest of the regions, but it's the most sparsely populated. It stretches from the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains to Nebraska in the east and New Mexico in the south. This region will never attract as many visitors as Denver or Colorado Springs, but Pueblo is a substantial city in its own right, and there are some points of historic interest. 

The Pawnee and Comanche National Grasslands Preserves provide glimpses of what the Great Plains were like before civilization. And for history buffs, the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, the infamous place where the U.S. military massacred a peaceful camp of Native Americans in 1864, is a must-see. Also, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and the Pony Express National Historic Trail, which were important routes in the development of the western U.S, are in the area. Finally, Bent's Old Fort, near La Junta, is worth checking out. It's a restored adobe trading post from the 1840s, steeped in the history of the fur trade that was so important to early settlers.

If that kind of stuff doesn't get your blood pumping, check out Royal Gorge just down the road from Pueblo, where there's a kid-friendly theme park on the rim of the 1,250-foot deep canyon. You can also look down the canyon from the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the world.

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