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Front Range


Front Range

The Front Range region derives its name from the range of Rocky Mountains just north of Denver. The mountains in this area are generally not as high as the Rockies of southwestern Colorado, but they're still high enough to get serious winter weather, and the presence of Colorado's two largest universities makes this region a lively and entertaining area all year.

In northern Colorado, it's all about being outside. Winter sports are extremely popular, and the Front Range features some fantastic ski resorts, including Eldora and Winter Park. Also, anyone that wants to fully experience the mountainous terrain and rugged beauty of Colorado needs to check out the Rocky Mountain National Park. It offers excellent alpine hiking, backpacking, camping, and rock climbing, as well as a vast array of wildlife to see. There are plenty of other great outdoor sites to see, including Arapahoe Roosevelt National Forest and Routt National Forest, but the main draws for most people will be the cities of Fort Collins and Boulder.

Fort Collins is a quintessential college city with everything concentrated around the Colorado State University campus, but that is not an indictment. The campus is active and lively, and the atmosphere infuses the city with youth and energy. The city also has a beautiful Old Town where you can see a great variety of early twentieth century buildings, and historical monuments. Fort Collins also has some excellent fishing, white water rafting, and mountain biking in the area. And when you're tired and thirsty, visit one of the five local award-winning breweries.

Slightly smaller than Fort Collins, Boulder is the laid-back home of the University of Colorado about 25 minutes northwest of Denver. With a quaint downtown, upscale dining, and great weather, this is a vibrant community to spend time in. Perhaps more than any other city in Colorado, Boulder is known for its healthy and fit inhabitants. There are always people outdoors, either running, biking, walking, or hiking. And remember it's only a short drive to find world-class skiing too!

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