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Powderhorn Ski Resort


Powderhorn Ski Resort

There is nothing better than spending summer or winter vacations with the family, sharing time and activities that bring you closer together. When you add wilderness, exercise, fresh, clean air to the equation, you are creating the perfect vacation. The Powderhorn Ski Resort in the Grand Mesa region of Colorado is the place to do it.  Whether it is summer or winter action you want Powderhorn, has them both. They have something for everyone, so read on and get all the information you need.

Powderhorn Ski Resort is well know because of its great slopes and trails that go high up into the mountain, where you can enjoy impressive views of the wild country around and feel your lungs fill with fresh, cool mountain air. Four lifts take you up to the 1600 acres of wilderness where you can ski. Out of these 1600 acres, 600 are groomed and kept as the known tracks for skiers, the rest are open
for experts and veterans to enjoy.

Private and group instruction is available for all levels of expertise; it is part of their intention to help their visitors improve their abilities with every visit making sure they get the best out of the slopes while remaining safe. The resort provides you and your family with all the gear you may need in case you do not have your own--it is possible for you to buy or rent it. If it is your first time or you have done this many times, it does not matter, there are Powderhorn ski experts all over the slopes ready to assist and advise you in any matter you care to know about.

Twenty percent of the slopes are assigned to beginners; they are the perfect place for people who have never skied to learn, assisted by caring, patient, professional instructors. Fifty percent of them are for intermediate skiers who are good and handle themselves perfectly on their own. The remaining thirty percent is reserved for experts. There is something for everyone here, even for small children who can stay with specialized personnel in the children skiing areas where they are taught their first steps to freedom on the slopes.

Accommodations are perfect and right there on the slopes. There are several options available for you and your family from which to choose. They all have restaurants or cafeterias where you can have your meals and nice family rooms with fireplaces where you can meet other people and share a drink or two during the evenings. Day care facilities are available for children who are potty trained to spend the day with other children enjoying a series of activities, including snowboarding and skiing. Massages are also available-- after a tough day on the slopes there is nothing like a quick sauna and a massage to ease the pain.

Powderhorn has something for you during the summer and spring time too. Beautiful trails that lead up the mountains into wild flower filled meadows from which you can see the ends of the Earth. Bicycle trails and camping grounds that bring you close to the earth and closer to yourself and your family. Places where time stops, and all that matters is the peace and quiet around you. The Powderhorn Ski Resort is a place to visit any time when you need to rest, to relax and to enjoy the beauty of Nature all around you.


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