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Vail Ski Resort



The Vail Ski Resort is a world class skiing destination located in the heart of the world famous Colorado ski county. This resort offers the largest area for professional and recreational skiing of any resort in the United States with nearly 5300 acres of slopes and open country on Vail Mountain. Most of the slopes on this mountain feature an intermediate grade that offers a mix of challenging runs for skiers of all experience levels.

History of the Vail Ski Resort

When the Vail Ski Resort was first founded during the early 1960s, there was no development of any kind on the mountain. The resort's founders, Earl Eaton and Pete Siebert, were first introduced to the Vail Mountain area when they served together in the United States Army during the second world war. As light infantry members of the military's 10th Mountain Division, they spent a substantial amount of time training in the area from nearby Camp Hale.

Skiing Opportunities at Vail Ski Resort

With an average annual snow fall of 350 inches, visitors can expect to find plenty of premium powder if they visit the Vail Ski Resort during the peak of the skiing season. The Vail Ski Resort offers visitors a substantial variety of terrain to choose from on an intermediate grade, as well as seven separate bowls to explore. There are just under 200 individual skiing trails on Vail Mountain that range from bunny slopes for beginners to expert runs that require an advanced degree of experience. About 120 of the skiing trails at Vail Ski Resort are designed for advanced skiers. Intermediate skiers have around 50 trails to choose from, and there is a nice selection of approximately 30 trails for new skiers to explore.

In addition to traditional skiing trails, Vail Ski Resort also offers some great terrain parks and bowls for skiers and snowboarders to explore. The four terrain parks at the resort give skiers and snowboarders alike plenty of options for showing off their latest skills, while Vail's seven bowls allows visitors to explore some skiing without the use of trails above the mountain's tree line.

Summer Activities at Vail Ski Resort

While Vail Ski Resort is best known for the winter recreational activities that the resort has to offer, there are a number of interesting things to see and do during the warmer months as well. Mountain biking is one of the most popular recreational activities that brings visitors to Vail Ski Resort during the summer, and the resort offers some terrific camping programs for mountain bikers of all experience levels. There is some great stretches of whitewater in the area that offer paddlers a chance for adventure, as well as quite little fishing holes full of fresh mountain trout. Vail Mountain is also home to a number of fun annual events ranging from arts and food festivals to exhibits that celebrate local culture and American history.

Dining and Entertainment at Vail Ski Resort

Most guests are ready to sit back and relax indoors after spending a day enjoy the ski slopes and other outdoor recreational activities that are available at Vail Ski Resort. The resort has several different dining options available for visitors, as well as a handful of diverse programs and activities. Vail Ski Resort also offers some attractive daytime attractions for guests who are not particularly interested in spending all of their vacation out on the slopes Vail Mountain itself. Other activities that are available at the resort include relaxing at the spa, shopping at the resort's many stores and a wide variety of dining options.


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