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Winter Park Ski Resort


Winter Park Ski Resort

Winter Park Ski Resort, located in Winter Park, Colorado, is one of the best resorts in the area. In addition to an outstanding ski experience, the resort also offers a full range of summer activities. Ski trails are offered for skiers of several experience levels, as well as facilities for snowboarders. The area enjoys continuous snowfall throughout the winter months, with an average exceeding 29 feet of snow per year. Guests who decide to visit the resort will have a challenging experience if they so choose. Read on to learn all about Winter Park Ski Resort.

The resort has a ski season that lasts from mid-November until late April. Many guests visit the resort during their Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter vacations. There are 143 trails to choose from, many with runs that extend two to five miles. The experience levels for the trails include beginner, intermediate and advanced. Some are designated for expert skiers only, and are very challenging. Glade skiing is also offered. 25 lifts are available to enable skiers to reach the trails more easily.

Many of the most popular trails are named after the people who were most instrumental in setting up the resort. These are specially marked as historical trails, and guests can read more about them on the commemorative plaques. Hughes is named after Berrien Hughes, the Denver lawyer who was responsible for introducing many skiers to the area's unique terrain. Another trail is named for George Cranmer, a Ski Hall of Fame inductee who was largely responsible for the development of Winter Park Ski Resort's winter sports area.

Freestyle skiers can take advantage of several challenging offerings at the resort's terrain park. Six different freestyle areas are available for skiers with different skill levels. The beginner area is designed specifically to provide newcomers with a safer practice area. The more advanced areas offer jumps, rails and a super-pipe.

One of the things that sets Winter Park Ski Resort apart from many other ski areas is its dedication to the environment. Energy-efficient appliances and parts are used, with careful monitoring taking place to ensure that energy consumption is kept to a reasonable level. Recycled materials are used on much of the equipment that the resort uses. AMTRAK has a stop at the resort, allowing guests and employees to save on fuel costs by taking the train.

Winter Park Ski Resort is also worth visiting during the summer months. The summer schedule for the resort is mid-June to late September. A popular activity with many visitors is mountain biking. There are several trails just for biking, with more being added on a regular basis. The resort has some coaches who are available to help bikers increase their skills. There are also camps available for downhill and freestyle biking. Three of the lifts are in operation for the convenience of bikers and hikers. Several summer dining options are available, including a soup and sandwich shop, a Belgian beer cafe, a family restaurant, and an ice cream shop.


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